Carmen Boccu



TO CARMEN BOCCU by Bianca Tosatti

Carmen Boccu’s indifference about ordinary experiences is balanced by a quiet and shining like an armour awareness .

It’s all about defending oneself from banality’s unsuppressible insolence, that’s reduced the complexity of the human existence to a rough scheme of stereotypes.

But art goes beyond and comes from beyond: she doesn’t deny the potency of prostration of the detail in abstraction’s proud seal, but she can also delight in accumulation of deposits that stands in every experience.

And, rather than stereotypes, Carmen Boccu’s work aims at urging archetype, stimulating fertility of them: against soul’s indolence, every details, every fragment of life compress huge shares of spirituality.

Sometimes, art lies in the pleasure of absent things, that fades conscience’s boundaries, spreading in the unlimited.

Carmen Boccu follows her artistic work with method and levity, just as one breathes: this condition, notoriously difficult to achieve, has to be built and kept with constant and serious studies, Carmen Boccu is used to devote herself to for years.

Ignorance’s in ambush, ready with her instruments of normalization (pondus, mensura, numerus) to codify and justify the world in the temporal and spatial boundaries of occidental culture: this is called “avidya” elsewhere and it’s considered a bond to be loosened.

Carmen Boccu looks somewhere else.